Chad Anderson

Chad grew up with a love for cars and motorcycles; everything from drawing them to racing go-karts and motorcycles. He painted his first car at age 14, learning the basics from his dad. In high school, he enrolled in vocational training at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, AZ. This led Chad to work on friends’ cars and his own cars throughout high school. He quickly realized the custom side of the automotive world is what he was most interested in.

In 2003, he opened up his first shop and operated under the name Metal Asylum Kustom Finishes. In 2013, the shop evolved and he changed the name to Catalyst Customs which is located in Maricopa, AZ. Chad specializes in custom paint and fabrication resulting in over 20 magazine featured vehicles and numerous awards in the last 16 years. Not wanting to be put into a box, he enjoys constructing anything custom, from flamed hot rods to kandied lowriders and everything in between. Chad’s mission and mantra is “Injecting art and soul into machine” as he loves integrating new life into old metal.

George Weldon

George Weldon is the owner/operator of Kustom Paint and Body and is an innovative artist and car builder based out of Pueblo West, Colorado. He prides himself in his quality of workmanship and meticulous care to detail by making his mark in top quality custom car restoration. George is known for his prestigious work on hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles.

George’s love for cars and artistic talent was recognized over 30 years ago with his talents ranging from sign painting to complete custom restoration. His in-house specialties include complete frame off, ground-up restoration, metal fabrication, customization, painting, graphics, cartoons, gold & silver leaf, pinstriping and airbrushing.

George is impressed with American Icon and their Refinishing Coatings and is looking forward to being one of the top pioneers using American Icon products.

Ron Fleenor

Ron Fleenor

1959. Born and raised in Anaheim, CA, son of a drag racer. Grew up at all the drag strips in Southern California…OCIR, Irwindale, Lions, Pomona…started drawing cartoons at age 5 and by the time I was 12 years old I was doing corporate logos for a lot of the BMX companies along with several surf and skate companies. Started painting cars in ’75 then onto pinstriping and airbrushing around ’78-79.

Production painter for 30 years along with doing custom paint jobs. Painted signs, lettered race cars along with being busy as one of the helmet painters of a lot of the dirt late models, sprint cars NHRA and nascar. Built championship dirt race cars and drove them for 30 years. Built SEM Products, Color Horizons line in ’03-09 then, Jobber store owner, product tester for several paint companies. Matrix FX  from August 2013-15 then to House of Kolor 2015 till 2019. Currently working at SATA DanAm.

The CandyBird Restoration

Curtis Mcgann fills an American Icon's Shoes to help restore this famous custom T-Bird by Joe Balion

The Car ( Skip to Images )

The Candybird originally called “Bailon Bird”, is a custom vehicle that holds significant importance in the world of automotive design and customization. Originally designed by Joe Bailon and owned by Joe Castro, the Candybird represents a unique blend of artistic creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Joe Bailon, a legendary custom car builder, is renowned for his pioneering work in automotive customization. In the 1950s, Bailon developed a revolutionary painting technique known as “candy paint.” This technique involved layering translucent colors over a metallic base coat, resulting in a deep, vibrant, and lustrous finish. The Candybird was one of Bailon’s most notable creations, showcasing his mastery of candy paint.

Owned by Joe Castro, a prominent figure in the custom car scene, the Candybird became an iconic symbol of automotive excellence. The vehicle featured a sleek and streamlined design, complemented by a mesmerizing candy paint job that accentuated its contours and curves. The Candybird stood out from the crowd, captivating enthusiasts and admirers with its unique aesthetic appeal.

The significance of the Candybird extends beyond its striking appearance. The vehicle became a symbol of individuality and personal expression within the automotive community. It represented the limitless possibilities of customization and the ability to transform a standard car into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Moreover, the Candybird played a crucial role in influencing and inspiring future generations of custom car builders and designers. Its innovative design elements and the revolutionary candy painting technique pioneered by Joe Bailon left a lasting impact on the automotive industry. The Candybird served as a source of inspiration, encouraging creativity and pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the realm of custom vehicles.

Joe Balion CandyBird custom car awards

The famous car was sold multiple times over the years, with many owners intending to restore it, CandyBird fell into disarray. After multiple restorations stalling, including one with Bailon himself, the CandyBird was almost forgotten, until spotted by its new owners. The current owners Wes and Kevin Bennett happened to spot an ad online for the famous vehicle and purchased it in late December 2018. Wes and his son Kevin enlisted Noel Customs to begin the restorations and hired Curtis Mcgann to resurrect the famous Ballon CandyBird paint job. The Bennetts and Curtis Mcgann decided to use American Icon Finishes to bring this iconic American custom back to its full potential.

Car Craft and Custom Cars magazine covers

The Painter ( Skip to Images )

Curtis McGann is a highly skilled custom vehicle painter who has established a name for himself in the automotive industry and carved out his own unique style and identity as a custom vehicle painter. He constantly seeks to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, infusing his own artistic sensibilities into each project. Born into a family with a rich legacy in the field, Curtis carries forward the proud tradition set by his grandfather, well known in the industry.

Growing up surrounded by automobiles and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, Curtis developed a passion for custom vehicle painting at a young age. Inspired by his grandfather’s exceptional talent and dedication, Curtis decided to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in the same field while carving out his own unique style and identity as a custom vehicle painter. He constantly seeks to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, infusing his own artistic sensibilities into each project.

The CandyBird presented a lot of challenges. Anyone who has ever attempted a “Candy” paint job, quickly realizes how much can go wrong. Throw in matching a legendary original paint job from a master, not being able to paint the entire car in one piece, and not doing it in a pristine paint booth but rather an outfitted garage. It’s enough to give any master painter the cold sweats! And yes, you can paint a candy in pieces and have it match. It takes a little extra planning and a careful, consistent technique.

Another major hurdle Curtis overcame was mixing a custom gold base for the right amount of shimmer and hue base for the red coats. It took a few mixes to get it right, but this is just part of the process for Curtis. A master painter knows attention to detail in every step of the process, and using great products makes it come together.

Learn more about the CandyBird at and follow @curtis.mcgann.9 and @AmericanIconFinishes on social.


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Curtis Mcgann

Curtis McGann at work

Curtis Mcgann grew up with a paint gun in his hand. Being the grandson of Bay Area customizer and custom paint legend
Joe Crisafulli, Curtis painted his first “Candy” at the age of thirteen.

Curtis is equally at home doing one-off custom paint jobs on cars, or doing full custom graphics and paint on high end motorcycles. Curtis currently works for a high-end restoration shop in Northern California. 

Having a passion for early traditional customs, Mcgann is well on his way to being one of the preeminent painters for historical survivor customs. He recently painted the Bailon “Candy-Bird”, the oldest known Candy Apple painted car, and the second car on the planet to ever have been painted with the magical Bailon shade. A number of other historic cars are in flight, and will add to his notch count of historical cars having been under his gun.

Jason Livery


Jason Livery works with top professional goaltenders to showcase their style and personality on the biggest stages in hockey. He’s constantly pushing the creative boundaries of airbrushing and other art styles from temperature effects to lighting and always on the cutting edge. With masks painted for NHL goaltenders like Jake Allen and Scott Darling, as well as doing work for top NCAA programs such as Michigan State, Dartmouth, and the University of North Dakota, Jason is seen as one of the premier goalie mask artists among top goaltenders. He takes pride in his work and gives his clients the same feeling every time.