American Icon Finishes

A new line of automotive finishes from P.O.R. Products.

Spray with Passion, Demand Quality, Deliver with Pride.

American Icon was inspired by the time-honored quality of a classic that embraces the spirit of innovation. American Icon products deliver durability, consistency, and a beautiful quality finish that is user-friendly. Auto refinishers should demand nothing less from products in the industry.

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Our Story

POR Products signNow P.O.R. Products is growing a new brand, American Icon, in the Refinishing Coatings category. The makers of POR-15 Automotive Restoration Products have been pioneers in the industry creating new and effective formulas respected by top fabricators, collectors, restoration shops, and car enthusiasts.

From the makers of POR-15

Artist Bio

The illustration on the American Icon packaging is the work of artist Chris Dunlop. Chris Dunlop (aka Pinstripe Chris) is an automotive design and render artist based out of Southern California. He started out as an automotive painter that specialized in custom paint and high-end restoration work on Classics & Exotics in Rockville, Maryland. From there he began airbrushing, doing sharpie art, and pinstriping. Soon after he was doing his artwork nearly full time, he was dubbed “Pinstripe Chris”.

Chris’ passion lies in custom cars, hot rods, and exotics- there’s always a variety of artwork in the works to keep things fresh and is never limited to one genre. He also offers design consulting and quick renders to test out build ideas, paint schemes and modifications efficiently. From there, quick sketches & renders are used in the basis for the final artwork.



Painters using American Icon

Curtis Mcgann

Curtis Mcgann grew up with a paint gun in his hand. Being the grandson of Bay Area customizer and custom paint legend Joe Crisafulli, Curtis painted his first “Candy” at the age of thirteen. Curtis is equally at home doing one-off custom paint jobs on cars, or doing full custom graphics and paint on high …

Jason Livery – Artistry at work!

American Icon C-800 clear coat over airbrush helmet. This is flash dried and not polished, Arrr! See more on Instagram and Facebook.